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Good afternoon, colleagues – business partners, all who operate KAMAZ automobiles, special technics on KAMAZ chassis, and all who engaged in maintenance operations. You have come to our web-site and it means that our interests coincide – you searching a new, less expensive and more effective possibilities for formation, development and consolidation of your business, and we are ready to give them to you.

Trade group “KONVENT” Ltd. – is the enterprise, which provide sale and delivery of spare parts, accessories and additional eqipment for KAMAZ automobiles, also KAMAZ trucks and special technics on KAMAZ basis.

Our firm works in this market since 1995. For these years we have created effective system of interaction with our existing and potential partners. Its based on main values of our business - individual approach to every client; absolutely, 100% performance of the order and delivery terms; flexible price policy and simplicity of calculations, guarantee on all delivered production. Giving a priority to desires of the client, we carry out a complete set of any demands, in case of need, along with direct deliveries we can carry out barter operations. And, at will of the client, we can make shipment and production delivery as automobile, railway, and avia-transport.

The modern office provided with necessary technics and a communication facility, warehouse of spare parts, protected parking for trucks, a command of professional managers and experts – all it transforms relations with our partners into pleasant procedure of interaction. The interaction which will provide the further development and prosperity of your business.

Things are easy: look through pages of our site, and you necessarily will find that searched. You will need only to contact with us. Good luck, and to a meeting!


 Konvent ltd / english version

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По всем жалобам и предложениям на работу компании, просим обращаться на E-почту: abuse@tgkonvent.ru

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Если Вы хотите всегда получать самые эксклюзивные предложения, с самыми лучшими ценами на запчасти к А/м КАМАЗ

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*Уважаемые Покупатели, актуальность цен уточняйте у наших менеджеров.


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